More severe challenges for domestic photovoltaic companies 2020-04-10

The global epidemic is still spreading, and many countries have postponed the original plan of the photovoltaic project, and the impact on the domestic photovoltaic market cannot be ignored. "Most of China's photovoltaic industry market is overseas, and the spread of the global epidemic will have a greater impact on China's photovoltaic industry, especially on the manufacturing side." Industry experts said that the domestic market is particularly important this year. China's photovoltaic industry should start various tasks as soon as possible under the guidance of policies, and continue to work hard in the next three quarters to continuously promote cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency, and further improve competitiveness to meet the challenges of the epidemic.

Portugal recently announced that due to the epidemic, the country has postponed the bidding for the 700 MW second-round solar power project license originally planned for April. France recently announced that due to the spread of the epidemic and the related embargo measures taken to curb its impact, it has affected the progress of many renewable energy projects to a certain extent. The initial commissioning period of projects under construction will be extended, and the bidding time for each round of bidding for renewable energy projects will also be extended.

Morgan Stanley estimates that residential solar power generation in the United States may plunge by 48% in the second quarter, and the impact will continue in the second half of the year. This is not only due to the slowdown of roof panel sales due to the blockade, but also the low housing operating rate and the consumer's indication that it may postpone or cancel the housing renovation project, which has also caused damage to the industry. In addition, Germany, the Netherlands, India, and other GW-level photovoltaic markets are also considering postponing bidding for photovoltaic projects, extending project construction deadlines, and postponing project grid connection.

The epidemic situation has caused a certain impact on the entire economic and social life. However, in the long run, through technological advancement, photovoltaic power generation will have more and more cost leadership compared to traditional power sources, and its competitiveness will become stronger.

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