PV industry 2019 annual outlook: global demand 130GW 2018-12-20

Unconsciously, we will say goodbye to 2018. Now it is worth the year. In addition to reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, the core content of this article is to look forward to the upcoming 2019 photovoltaic industry.

From the perspective of market structure, we will usher in a more diversified demand in the photovoltaic industry in 2019. 2019 China will still be the world's largest PV market, but the proportion will fall from 53% in 2017 to 2019. 28% of the year; the two major reshuffles in the photovoltaic industry in history were caused by the fact that the single market accounted for too much and then this market policy adjustment was triggered. The last time was Germany, when the world share of German PV demand exceeded 50%. While the demand for photovoltaics is diversified and stabilized, the pattern of the photovoltaic industry is becoming clearer and more stable.

The photovoltaic industry has always been an industry where the “remaining are kings”. For the “remaining” PV companies, the best times are coming soon, because there will be no irrational “stupid money” rushing in at this stage. To disturb the industry pattern that is becoming more and more quiet, the photovoltaic industry has entered a relatively orderly Warring States period from the chaotic Spring and Autumn Period, and according to the principle of industrial division of labor and anti-monopoly law, the industry cannot enter the era of the Great Unification, each The “remaining” can stably guard their own one-acre three-point land to obtain sustainable and reliable profits; for investors, this will also be the best era, and the photovoltaic industry may no longer be an unfilled fund hole; Industrial enterprises have increased their ability to hematopoietic and their financing needs are declining. For many years, companies in photovoltaic companies, even leading companies, have only black holes for financing without dividends or financing far greater than dividends, and this phenomenon is expected to be in the future two. Three years have been reversed. The photovoltaic industry is also about to launch a quality enterprise that has its own competitive barriers, can prevent competitors from entering, and can stably generate cash inflows. For each of us, photovoltaics that continue to become cheaper will eventually make the sky bluer, the water more blue, and the air fresher. That's right, this is the best photovoltaic era, for everyone of us.

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