Sunforson 56 sets GM 04 to Honduras have been shipped successfully 2020-03-05

SunRack Pile Ground Mounting System is applied for large solar project panel installation on a non-sandy ground. For SunRack pile ground mounting system, the C post can be easily rammed into the ground 1~2 meters by pile machine, then you can mount the pre-assembled beam structure and other mounts easily.

Our order 56 sets GM-04 to Honduras have been shipped successfully this week.

The advantages of this product are as follows:

1. Most cost effective for 2 row vertical panel with low tilt angle
2. Quick installation with pile drilling machine
3. Made of high quality aluminum and steel

Because carbon steel is easy to rust, the product has a very high cost performance in countries with little rain. GM-04 solar Q235 carbon steel pv panel mounting brackets is recommended for large projects

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