Sunforson work arrangements for the resumption and resumption of production and epidemic prevention 2020-02-21

Due to the sudden impact of the New coronavirus, many industries have been delayed from work, and under the strong control of government departments, many companies have resumed work on this week. Our Sunforson factory and office also resumed production, but some colleagues from other provinces are still in isolation and will return to work next week.

Our Sunforson preparations for epidemic prevention before the resumption of work and re-production are as follows:

1. The factory collects official epidemic prevention knowledge, promotional videos, and conducts publicity on publicity boards, corporate WeChat, electronic large screens, etc.

2. Statistical reserve of medical masks, protective clothing, protective glasses, 75% alcohol / 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, thermometer, oximeter, sprayer, emergency transportation vehicle, emergency medicine, etc.

The work arrangements for resumption and resumption of production and epidemic prevention are as follows:

1. Departments at all levels of the factory make statistics in advance of their personnel preparations and report them to the human resources department.

2, Remind employees to control self-protection and disinfection in the company or at home.

3. All employees, outsiders, and visitors must accept the infrared temperature measurement of the doorman and wear a mask before entering the factory.

4 Before going to work, the factory organizes medical personnel to disinfect the factory,office and all places once.

For our delayed work this time, many customers are expected to worry about whether our product solar bracket production will have an impact. Yes, the delivery time will have a corresponding impact. We have prepared as much as possible for the bracket orders placed before the previous year. The shipments can be made one by one next week, and new orders can be arranged for production one after another.Also other employees of the production department·can return to their posts one after another.

I believe that this condition can be seeing the light as soon as possible in the spring. Sunforson wish the people of Hubei and the provinces to return to normal life as soon as possible and be love. Thank you to front-line angel in white, you're working hard. China Comes Wuhan Comes!

Please contact us if you have any solar brakcet requirement at : or 0592-5735570

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