The Philippine President Launches the Country's Largest Photovoltaic Irrigation System 2024-06-14

A recent report in the Philippine media detailed significant advancements in the country's agricultural sector. According to the report, Philippine President Marcos personally inaugurated a remarkable project on June 10th in the city of Kirino in Isabela Province—a large-scale photovoltaic irrigation system. The successful implementation of this project not only signifies a notable achievement in the integration of renewable energy and modern agricultural technology in the Philippines but also brings tangible benefits to the country's farmers.

The investment in this photovoltaic irrigation system project amounted to a staggering 65.7 million pesos. At the project site, one can see neatly arranged sections of solar panels, totaling 1056 units. These panels glisten under the sunlight, converting solar energy into electricity through the photovoltaic effect, providing a continuous power source for the entire irrigation system.

It is reported that this system can support two large submersible pumps with a power output of up to 740 kilowatts. These pumps operate with high efficiency, capable of extracting up to 13,000 gallons of water per minute. Through a meticulously designed irrigation network, these water sources are continuously transported to nearby rice fields, providing ample irrigation water for 350 hectares of farmland. This initiative greatly improves the efficiency of field irrigation, enabling crops to thrive in more suitable growing conditions.

It is worth noting that the implementation of this photovoltaic irrigation system project directly benefits 237 farmers. They no longer have to worry about irrigation issues in their fields and can focus more on crop cultivation and management. The successful implementation of this project not only increases their income levels but also brings them more hope and confidence in their lives.

President Marcos highly praised and commended the successful launch of this photovoltaic irrigation system project. In his address, he emphasized that as an agricultural powerhouse, the Philippines must continuously promote innovation and development in agricultural technology to adapt to the challenges of global climate change and resource scarcity. He stated that the Philippine government will continue to increase support for renewable energy projects such as photovoltaic irrigation to promote their popularization and application nationwide.

It is understood that President Marcos proposed a plan to promote photovoltaic irrigation projects nationwide as early as February of this year. Currently, there are 152 photovoltaic irrigation projects under construction in the Philippines, with 118 of them supported by government funding. The Philippine Department of Agriculture has allocated up to 17 billion pesos for these photovoltaic irrigation projects to facilitate their smooth implementation.

In addition to financial support, the Philippine government also provides various incentives for photovoltaic irrigation and other renewable energy projects at the policy level. For example, the government offers tax breaks and loan incentives for photovoltaic irrigation projects to encourage more enterprises and individuals to participate in this field.

Furthermore, the Philippines is strengthening cooperation and exchanges with the international community to introduce advanced photovoltaic irrigation technology and equipment. Through collaboration with foreign research institutions and companies, the Philippines continuously absorbs and learns from successful experiences and technological achievements internationally, providing solid technical support for its photovoltaic irrigation projects.

It is foreseeable that with the widespread promotion and application of photovoltaic irrigation and other renewable energy projects in the Philippines, the country's agricultural production will usher in a brighter future. Farmers will enjoy more convenient and efficient irrigation services, and agricultural production will become greener, more environmentally friendly, and sustainable. At the same time, this will inject new vitality and momentum into the economic and social development of the Philippines.

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