The University of Malaga Has Designed Novel Encapsulation BIPV Module 2020-12-17

Photovoltaic Building Integrated (BIPV Building Integrated PV) is a technology that integrates solar power generation (PHOTOVOLTAIC) products into buildings. BIPV is different from the PV system attached to the building (BAPV: Building Attached PV). BIPV can be divided into two categories: one is the combination of photovoltaic phalanx and buildings. The other is the integration of photovoltaic phalanx and architecture. Such as photoelectric tile roof, photoelectric curtain wall and photoelectric daylighting roof, etc. In these two ways, the combination of photovoltaic phalanx and building is a common form, especially the combination with the building roof.


Recently, the researcher group at University of Malaga(UMA) has developed a panel for building integrated photovoltaics system that improves light absorption without losing efficiency and durability.


The panels are based on a novel packaging design with a different color that makes it easier to integrate into the building. The technique consists of anti-reflective glass on the front of the panel and a black back on the rear surface. Research co-author María Cruz López said: “We tested a variety of different materials and finally we proved that the combination of anti-reflective glass and a black polymer-based back that has been adopted by the industry is both efficient and durable. She added that the new panels had already passed all standard durability tests.


According to this Spanish research group, adding a dark backsheet may reduce the panel efficiency, because the layer absorbs solar radiation that could be used by solar cells. This loss is about 8.66 seconds per module, however, the researchers have designed the solar panels can use anti-reflective glass to compensate for the loss, so as to improve the solar energy absorption on the front side.


López also said, changing the central structure of the PV modules is more expensive, so we put the emphasis on looking for the right materials, and in addition to improve the appearance of the panel, it still can maintain the good performance and durability.


With the continuous development of solar energy and the increasing demand of urban energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, the solar BIPV has become a new trend of solar power application.

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