There are four reasons to install solar photovoltaic power generation system on the roof of a home 2020-05-26
There are four reasons to install solar photovoltaic power generation system on the roof of a home
With the gradual popularization of solar photovoltaic, people gradually understand and recognize this new thing. A piece of blue roof, slowly derived to all corners of the world map.

What magic power does distributed photovoltaic roof have to sweep the world?

1、 Change of energy structure
Due to the large-scale development and utilization of fossil energy over the years, resulting in a series of difficulties, such as resource shortage, environmental pollution, climate change, etc., the importance of energy structure change is becoming increasingly prominent!
The world's attention has gradually turned to the "green energy" of nature, such as solar energy, wind energy, water energy and other clean and renewable energy. However, green energy such as wind energy and water energy are more suitable for urban development because of their high requirements for site conditions and natural conditions. Only the roof and sunshine can generate electricity, which is definitely a better choice for family power stations!
2、 Save money and make more money
Is there any good thing about killing two birds with one stone in the world? Home distributed photovoltaic is it!
First of all, from the perspective of saving money. Computer, water heater, air conditioner, range hood, LCD TV This is the standard electrical equipment for ordinary families. Naturally, large power consumption is inevitable. After the installation of photovoltaic power station, the household electricity comes from solar energy, which greatly reduces the electricity cost.
Secondly, how can we make money? That's because of the considerable subsidies supported by the state. Taking China as an example, at present, home distributed photovoltaic generally adopts the mode of "self use, surplus electricity online". For a subsidy period of up to 20 years, the national subsidy is 0.42 yuan / degree. Plus the local subsidy policies, the rate of return is about 15%, and the revenue is really considerable! The monthly or quarterly electricity revenue and subsidy concerned by the common people will be paid by the grid company and directly entered into the owner's bank card, which is very worry free and reliable!

In addition, home distributed photovoltaic has an additional invincible skill - cooling and heat insulation. Because of the heat absorption property of the solar panel itself, the roof itself is not exposed to the sun, so the house also maintains a relatively cool constant temperature, achieving a real power saving effect. So in summer, with 35 ℃ high temperature and distributed photovoltaic insulation, the indoor temperature drops to 30 ℃ in a flash. Save the air-conditioning cost of the big power consumers, and the monthly bill is considerable.

3、 Change environmental pollution
In recent years, with the appearance of extreme weather, haze and sandstorm are rampant. Environmental problems are becoming more and more important. As the main force of energy for many years, coal power has brought a lot of damage to our environment. And a good industrial economy will certainly form a wide and in-depth cluster effect.
The same is true of the corresponding photovoltaic, which has changed the energy structure of human beings for a long time, cut off the dominance of coal power, and achieved the clean standard of zero emission, so that the whole earth will not be polluted by various gases and harmful substances. How can such a positive energy full resource not be sought after and utilized!
How much impact can a small photovoltaic panel have on the environment? For example, a small distributed power generation system with an installed capacity of 3KW can generate power of 91250 degrees per year with an annual power generation capacity of 3650 degrees, which is equivalent to saving 36.5 tons of standard coal, reducing 94.9 tons of carbon dioxide and 0.8 tons of sulfur dioxide in 25 years. It can be imagined that when solar photovoltaic props up the roof of our city, the corresponding sky will be more blue!
4、 Standard arrangement of roof
In the past, in the design of family buildings, people often pursue the European style with exquisite structure and complex modeling, and always pursue the luxurious retro style in the decoration. But as the style of minimalist wind and glass windows becomes more and more popular, new home building design standards, such as innovative roof solar power generation system, are emerging.
When the building belongs to a single house, the surrounding area is relatively open and there is no shelter, so the roof area of the building is used in a large range. After considering environmental protection and energy saving, people began to gradually reform the roof design, and the large area of inclined roof or flat roof began to replace the European style multi roof window roof, which provides for the installation of solar power generation system Basic space.
This fashion decoration wind has also blown to China on the other side of the ocean. More and more families choose solar power system as the standard roof. The distributed photovoltaic roof not only publicizes the green environmental protection concept of the house owner, but also shows the owner's fashion taste.
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