Tile Roof Solar Mounting System

SunRack tile roof solar mounting can be flexible and easy to mount with universal tile roof hooks.
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Tile Roof Solar Mounting System

SunRack tile roof mount system,accomodating a wide range of modules framed or frameless,is suitable for most types of roof with different roof hooks.With innovative SunRack rail and G/flat nut.SunRack tile roof mount enables significantly fast and easy installation. 


Solar Tile Roof Hooks for PV Mounting System

   Installation Site: tile roof

   Roof Slope:Up to 60 degree

   Wind Speed: Up to 60 m/s

   Snow Load:Up to 130mph

   Material:Aluminum and SS 304

   Warranty: 10 years on material

   Design Standard: CE & AS/NZS 1170 &Int'l

   Module Orientation: Portrait or Horizontal





Overview of system components

 Components for tile roof mounting

Tile Roof Hooks



 Project reference

solar aluminum roof mounting system



A Full Commitment To Quality

Top material, quality craftsmanship and easy installation design, supported by senior engineers with comprehensive and in-depth mounting industry experience and garanteed with a 10-year limited parts warranty  

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