Types of PV Mounting Brackets 2020-07-15

How to choose the type of photovoltaic support reasonably to meet the installation requirements of solar power station? First,we should know the commonly used solar panel bracket types in the market. Then choose the appropriate solar bracket for panel installation, make full use of space. Currently,the types of solar mounting structures that are generally applied in the solar market can be listed as following six types:

1、Pitched roof solar panel support: According to different roof materials, it can be subdivided into tile roof solar mounting kits, metal roof mounting systems and shingle roof mounting.

2、Flat roof solar mounting system: a. Ballasted solar racking systems to achieve the corresponding wind strength by the weight of the pv support and the whole solar system itself and the weight of the concrete block. This way won’t damage the existing roof surface. b. fixed with expansion screws solar panel structure. different manufacturers will have different designs, but the whole is to use expansion screws to fix the bracket. This installation can be applied in high windy region. According to the thickness of the roof surface. It can be decided whether the expansion screw can be directly screwed onto the flat roof, or the concrete block casting on stie. and then the expansion screw can be fixed on the concrete block.

3、Ground mounting structures: concrete base solar panel ground mounts, commonly used mounting type, suitable for both large and small solar projects, not special requests on soil condition; b.ground screw mounting brackets, suitable for large projects, professional ground screw driver, large-scale installation can be implemented save installation costs and maximize protection of soil from pollution. While it required a geological and soil report.Geological and soil reports are usually provided to the mounting structure supplier for evaluation. c. Pile mounting systems: Most of these supports are HDG steel supports, which are directly driven into the soil through a pile driver, and the pile and the support structure are integrated.

4、Carport mounting systems: Commercial carport mount can not only be as car parking, but also increase benefits and improve the overall appearance of the business district. A good solar carport design will combines aesthetics and economic benefits.

5、Wall mount: In recent years, wall mounts have become increasingly popular. There are conventional supports and building structure integration. The integrated design of the building structure has higher requirements on the waterproofing technology of the bracket manufacturers.

6、Floating systems: offshore areas, lakes, ponds and other shallow water areas, areas with less wind and waves, floating supports that have flourished in recent years are also very popular. Especially in Southeast Asia, there are more and more installation projects of floating support systems. This type of bracket has high requirements for the construction of underwater foundation columns, and requires professional construction design.

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