solar floating mounting sysetm 2019-03-04

In recent years, with the large increase in pavement photovoltaic power plants, there has been a serious shortage of land resources that can be used for installation and construction, which has restricted the further development of such power plants. At the same time, another branch of photovoltaic technology, the floating power station, has entered people's field of vision.

Compared with traditional photovoltaic power plants, the solar floating mounting system generation components on surface floating bodies. In addition to not occupying land resources and facilitating people's production and life, water body cooling of photovoltaic modules and cables can also effectively improve power generation efficiency. Floating photovoltaic power plants can also reduce water evaporation and inhibit algae growth, which is beneficial to aquaculture and daily catch.

Solar floating power stations can be built on a variety of water bodies, whether natural lakes, artificial reservoirs or coal mining subsidence areas, sewage treatment plants, as long as there is a certain amount of water can be installed equipment. When the floating power station encounters the latter, it can not only regenerate the "waste water" into a new power station carrier, but also maximize the self-cleaning ability of floating photovoltaics, reduce the evaporation amount by covering the water surface, and inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the water. Achieve the purification of water quality. The floating photovoltaic power station can make full use of the water cooling effect to solve the cooling problem encountered by the pavement photovoltaic power station. At the same time, because the water area is unobstructed and the light is sufficient, the floating power station is expected to increase the power generation efficiency by about 5%.

After years of construction and development, the impact of the tense land resources and the surrounding environment has greatly limited the layout of the road PV. Even if it can be developed to a certain extent through the development of deserts and mountains, it still belongs to the palliative. With the development of floating photovoltaic technology, this new type of power station does not need to rob the valuable land with the residents, but instead turns to a broader water space, complementing the road surface to achieve a multi-win.

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