What to consider in a solar mounting system 2020-03-10

It can be easy to overlook your solar mounting hardware since its mostly hidden under your solar panels. But, as with other types of solar equipment, there are multiple options to consider and you want to make sure youre getting the right solution for your solar energy system and property. Here are some of the top factors to consider when evaluating your solar mounting options.


Though most of your mounting system is covered by solar panels, there are some components that may be visible. For example, some mounting systems are lower-profile than others and may even include a skirt for the edge of your solar array, while others have taller rails and visible clamps on the edges of each panel.

Leak protection

First, its important to know that properly-installed solar panel mounting brackets, should not cause leaks in your roof. However, you can take extra precautions with your chosen mounting system, as some provide better protection against leaks and roof damage than others.

To fix a mounting system to a sloped roof, solar installers need to drill holes. Flashings, some of the most critical parts of any mounting system, help prevent leaks by diverting the flow of water away from these holes.

Wire management

Wire management is an important step for every solar installation: this is the process to place, secure, and protect your solar energy systems electrical setup. Proper management of photovoltaic (PV) wires isnt just necessary for aesthetic reasons more importantly, wire management is imperative for operational and maintenance purposes, as wires that arent properly insulated, exposed to harsh elements, or stretched too tight can wear down and fail, therefore impacting the performance of your solar panel system.

Ease of install

While the basics of installing rooftop mounting systems are generally the same, certain factors can make them more difficult or time-consuming to install. Heavy components, the number of individual parts, and the effort required to affix the mounting system to your roof can all impact the amount of time it takes for your solar installer to finish your installation. The more complicated the system and the heavier the equipment, the more expensive your installation is likely to be. Your installer will likely have a preferred mounting solution that takes these factors into account, but keep in mind that if youre requesting a specific type of mounting system outside of their normal set of products, it may make your installation more expensive.

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